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Visiting poet – Duncan Ball

duncan ball

As you can probably guess from the photo above, today we have Duncan Ball visiting. You might have read books from his Selby series or the Emily Eyefinger series — did you know Duncan also has a book of poetry published? It’s called My Sister Has a Big Black Beard. Read on!

When did you first start writing poetry?

When I was twelve.

What sort of poetry do you like writing best of all?

I like writing funny poetry that rhymes, for kids.

What sort of poetry do you like reading best of all?

I like lots of different kinds of poetry for both young people and adults.

Where can we read your poetry?

My good friend and fellow poet Selby (the Talking Dog) writes poetry and I help him with it. But I’ve also written a collection of my funny poems called, My Sister Has a Big Black Beard.

My sister has a big black beard

Here are some videos featuring poems from My Sister has a Big Black Beard:

How often do you write?

Almost every day.

Do you prefer to write with a pen and paper or straight onto the computer?

Straight onto a computer although I do keep a notepad on my desk and scribble things down.

What’s your number one tip for budding poets?

Do it and enjoy it!

Duncan’s Poetry Prescription

ARE YOU HAVING A BORING DAY? When I have a boring day I like to read funny poems such as Allan Ahlberg’s ‘The Girl Who Doubled’ from his poetry book The Mighty Slide.

Duncan's books

Find out more about Duncan Ball, his books and poetry — visit his website and his blog. He’s visited before, so be sure to check out this earlier post about Duncan, too.

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