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What we’re reading: Shimmer

Shimmer by Jennifer McBride & Lynda Nixon, ISBN 97811922089434, Fremantle Press

A review copy of Shimmer was provided by the publisher.

Shimmer (cover)

One afternoon David accidentally summons a genie when he’s out walking in the bush. He can’t believe his luck — he has his own genie to grant him wishes! — but he quickly discovers that having a genie is not as easy as he thought. The teenage genie, Kora, has been sent to Earth against her will. She resents being harnessed to anyone and she is especially annoyed to be harnessed to this teenage Earth boy.

Trouble is brewing and not just on Earth. David and Kora realise they will need to join forces to protect the people they love.

Set predominantly in our everyday world, Shimmer will grab upper primary readers who love a fantasy thriller. This is a Good vs Evil story with a twist — and the plot seems to hint at a possible sequel, too.

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