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What we’re reading: Roland Harvey

The Wombats Go on Camp by Roland Harvey, ISBN 9781743315040, Allen & Unwin

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

the wombats go on camp
Mrs Nott and Ms Annabel are taking their students (The Wombats) on their first camp ever. Once they arrive, the kids have fun doing all sorts of activities — like exploring, cooking and performing. Each camper has a page (a bit like a diary entry) where they talk about what’s been happening that day from their point of view. Some kids are loving the camp … but not all of them!
The illustrations are recognisably Roland Harvey’s — they are so detailed and there’s something new and even sillier to see every time you read the book. (Sometimes the illustrations show the real story of camp events, despite what the camper is telling us!)
Don’t miss the endpapers where you can read all about each student and find out each one’s nickname, hobbies, enemies and more. (And a final tip: make sure you read their names out loud.)
Everything We Ever Saw by Roland Harvey, ISBN 9781743313671, Allen & Unwin
A copy of this book was provided by the publisher.
everything we ever saw
If you are a Roland Harvey fan (is there anyone who isn’t?) you might have figured out that Everything We Ever Saw is Roland Harvey’s six picture books — about a family’s trips exploring Australia — all together in one book. What a good idea.
Everything We Ever Saw includes:
At the Beach:
at the beach
In the Bush:
in the bush
In the City:
in the city
To the Top End:
to the top end
All the Way to WA:
all the way to WA
On the Farm:
on the farm
I love how different each trip is, and yet, they are all trips to different parts of the same country — Australia. I had fun recognising places I’ve been to and poring over all the parts of Australia I haven’t been to yet. Roland Harvey’s illustrations are hilarious and detailed, and studying each page closely has kept me busy for hours.
I can’t help thinking that Everything We Ever Saw would make a fantastic gift for overseas friends who are interested in Australia’s landscape, climate, people and creatures.
And — you already know how much I love looking at endpapers — this book has great endpapers, too. You’ll find a map of Australia showing the sites where the family travelled and the wildlife they spotted on the way.
This is a book that will keep you entertained all summer holidays.
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