TOP READS team 2015 (no adults allowed!)

Sometimes — when you can’t decide what to read next — a friend can recommend just the sort of book you’ve been looking for. Our TOP READS TEAM is a group of keen readers who stop by each month to recommend a favourite read for the month, and they’re all kids like you! Today we are very excited to be introducing the 2015 team.


Matilda, 9, WA
Matilda has been writing book reviews for Alphabet Soup since 2011. When she’s not reading, she likes hula-hooping, drawing portraits and writing poems. Her favourite books at the moment are the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling.

Jake, 7, VIC
Jake likes reading adventure stories, and playing or watching video games.

Celine, 12, WA
Celine has been a regular reviewer for Alphabet Soup’s magazine and blog since she was 6. Her favourite pastimes include writing stories, poetry and book reviews, but she will always make time for playing the violin and jogging with her dog.

Tess, 9, WA
Tess’s favourite things to do are reading and gymnastics. She is currently enjoying learning to sail. Her favourite book series are Harry Potter and Little House on the Prairie.

Céití, 5, WA
Céití loves playing with her new puppy. She also enjoys writing all sorts of words and reading all sorts of stories. Her favourite book is Charlotte’s Web.

Joseph, 11, WA
Joseph has been reviewing books for Alphabet Soup since 2011. When he’s not reading, he likes writing, and playing cricket and when he grows up he wants to be an author or a cricket player. He likes books that hook you into the story straight away.

Veronica, 12, NSW

Veronica loves all things nature, coin collecting, gaming, singing, and music that takes us on journeys. She likes reading a whole range of writing, especially fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction and poetry.

Lewis, 6, WA

Lewis loves trains, soccer, swimming and building with Lego.

Xavier, 6, NT

When he’s not reading, Xavier enjoys being outdoors, swimming and running. He loves telling himself stories and when he grows up, Xavier wants to be an adventurer.

Look out for their first book recommendations for 2015 later today!