Young Writers in Action

Young writers in action: The Forest

Today Jacqueline shares her writing with us — a creative piece, describing in detail what a forest looks like to a vision-impaired person. 

by Jacqueline, 10, VIC

The green trees are brightly coloured and show the path that never ends. Scrubs in the soil are waiting to get bigger to protect the insects from the rain. Moss grows on the trees and spreads till they are all covered. The path is brown, soft and smooth like a bed. We’ll never know where it ends if a log stops the way. A stump well-cut by the hunters is dead, but it will grow just the same. Clovers are spreading and one of them might be the lucky one. Animals are hiding among the forest trees not knowing when to come out. Leaves are impatient for autumn to arrive, so they can fall on the ground. The bark is crumbling off the trees and twigs are snapping whilst you step on it.

Seeds are in the soil waiting until the water wakes them and start to grow up. The flowers are blooming to make colours shine in your eyes. Birds in the trees watching you as you go by. They sing a pretty song to make you smile. Bushes are growing fruit and berries that are juicy and ripe. Little trees are weak, but will grow like the others and live forever.

9 thoughts on “Young writers in action: The Forest”

  1. Really beautiful Jacqueline! Well done!! I felt like I was walking through the forest.☺️

  2. This is fantastic work, Jacqueline! Not only is your writing very descriptive, but it shows that you have a great imagination too. This helps to bring the objects you are describing to life (such as the clover, leaves and seeds) and makes it very interesting to read. Keep up your writing and whenever you think of a great idea be sure to jot it down so you can build on it later. Well done! 🙂

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