Young Writers in Action

Young Writers in Action: Grassy Land


by Michelle, 8, India

Oh one day,
I went to,
A land so grassy,
It was named as grassy land.

It was a beautiful and natural place,
Indeed Mum, it is wonderful,
Oh, I think I stamped on something,
And it was a message.

Please do not cut trees,
Then I walked and walked,
I stamped on something,
And it was an another message.

Grow green plants,
And I understood that while I walked,
I will get more messages,
After reading 12 messages,
I understood we must save Nature.

While I went back home,
I thought what did it all mean,
So many years passed,
And I began to grow,
And as I grew up to be a business man,
I kept the messages in mind,
And I had a change in my heart,
I could live happily ever after.

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