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Young writers in Action: The Fantasy Land

by Shristuti Srirapu, 8, India
I stepped through the pink and purple magic
And found myself in the land of beauty
Where fairies splash in crystal water
And unicorns play above.
I stare at playing pixies
Among blooming flowers
And gleaming red apples
Along orchids of blazing color.
As I plunge into water
Where dolphins shriek for food
And mermaids dive deeper
Into rays of colourful fish.
I step out and the world is dark
And look through iron bars
Where dragons breath fire
And watch with piercing eyes.
As witches cackle mercilessly
Giants come storming in
Throwing whatever is in their way
Dragging giant clubs.
I touch the floor and murmur
And then it disappears
I fall from the magical world 
of differences.