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Young Writers In Action: T-Rex Trouble


by Lachlan Cheung, 7, NSW

There was a 10-year-old boy named Sean who lived in a rainforest. He had a wooden perfumed treehouse. He loves living in the rainforest with the sloths. One sloth is his best friend named Charlie.

On Monday a massive T-Rex dinosaur came to destroy the rainforest. Sean knew this was going to happen because he knew the future. Sean knew his house and his friend Charlie would be destroyed. Sean went to get Charlie so they could escape. So off he went.

“Run” yelled Sean.
“OK I’m coming” said Charlie. Then Charlie moved his arm rrrrrreeeeeeaaaaalllllllyyyyy slowly.
“I will carry you” said Sean, grabbing Charlie and putting Charlie on his back.

Meanwhile the T-Rex was smashing through the rainforest.

Suddenly Sean remembered something from a book he read in the classroom. If you throw violins at a dinosaur it will calm it down. So Sean pulled out a mega phone from his pocket and ordered 3000 violins. The violins teleported and turned up next to Sean and Charlie.

They both started to throw the violins at the dinosaur. Charlie was slow but had good aim and hit the dinosaur in the eye. Sean was fast but his aim was terrible, he kept hitting the tree, which was a total waste of the violins.

The T-Rex became stronger and then Sean remembered from the book that for a T-Rex you have to play the guitar to calm him down. Sean ran to his treehouse with Charlie on his back, grabbed his guitar from his bedroom and sat on the deck and started strumming.

“Oh … here comes my cow with the pig … ” sang Sean.
Raaaaaa … ” said the T-Rex.

Then something unexpected happened. The T-Rex was becoming friendly and thanked Sean for the lovely music and started dancing. The three became friends and every time the T-Rex came, Sean played the guitar.


This is Lachlan’s first story published with Alphabet Soup. If YOU would like to send us a story, drawing, poem, or book review, check out our submission guidelines. Happy writing!

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