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Book review: Ciao EJ!


Ciao EJ

Miranda borrowed this book from her school library.

EJ12 Girl Hero: Ciao EJ! by Susannah McFarlane,, ISBN 9781921931666

This book is part of the EJ12 series. It is about the two spy agencies Shine and Shadow. The main characters are Shine’s most trusted special agents EJ12, IJ12, EL12, HJ12 and EK12.

The evil spy agency Shadow unlocks the golden statue of the Italian God of the sun and moon. The Shine agents go to Italy to stop Shadow from stealing the statue.

Most of the time Shine manages to stop Shadow with their most trusted agents around. Would you like to become a secret agent? I like reading these books because I like to pretend that I am a secret agent like EJ12! Maybe you would too!

Ciao EJ was very unpredictable. I loved this book!


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