Young Writers in Action

Young writers in action: Your inner garden

by Natasha, 9, ACT

Ivy scrambles across the path,
Until it meets the flowers,
Its joy will make you laugh,
Its trees as tall as towers.

You can hear the birds tweeting,
It takes away every fear,
New plants you keep on meeting,
It makes you know warmth is near.

So come to it if you’re in trouble,
It will calm you down,
It will take away the rubble,
You will lose your frown.

So if you’re feeling rotten,
Take time to close your eyes,
You’ll know when you’ve gotten,
You have gotten inside.

Just go inside for a bit, just do,
And look at what you see,
Your garden is a part of you,
And mine’s a part of me.

This is Natasha’s first poem published with Alphabet Soup. If YOU would like to send us a story, drawing, poem, or book review, check out our submission guidelines. Happy writing!