Young Writers in Action

Young Writers in Action: Going to the milking shed


by Joshua, 8, NSW

On 25 March 2016 at the Upper Rolland Plains in NSW, Dad, Gabe and I went to a dairy farm to milk a cow.

When we got there we saw cows walking into the milking shed from the paddock. Two women workers invited us into the shed.

We tried milking the cows with our hands, but it was hard. There was also cow poo all over the ground.  I also used the big long tubes to milk a cow. We saw a big brown bull. It was about one and a half metres tall and two and a half metres long. It just ate its feed.

After that, we painted a cow red because it had a baby in its tummy and because it had a baby, it had medicine in its milk so it would taste bad.

Then we went to the back where two baby cows were lying down. We fed them hay and water.

Even though I got cow poo and wee on my clothes, it was still cool and awesome to milk a cow.

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