Young Writers in Action

Young writers in action: Framed Love

by Charlize, 10, QLD


Take a walk in the park, hand in hand
Breathe in the fresh air of the free land
Explore the area full of flowers and bugs
Then give your mother lots of big hugs
Show her how much she means to you
Tell her how life would be without her, too
She cooks, she sweeps, looks after us all,
She doesn’t care what you look like, big, or small
She looks at you and smiles
The grin stretches for miles
She whispers ‘I know what to do, little one’
‘Let’s take a picture to remember this fun.’
You kneel down and kiss your mother
The camera at a special angle, held by your father
The heartfelt picture hangs up above
But nothing is ever higher than your mother’s love.

This is Charlize’s first poem published with Alphabet Soup. If YOU would like to send us a story, drawing, poem, or book review, check out our submission guidelines. Happy writing!