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Book review: DRAWN ONWARD


Drawn Onward by Meg McKinlay and Andrew FrazerDrawn Onward by Meg McKinlay, ill. Andrew Frazer, Fremantle Press, ISBN 9781925164848

Kailani received a review copy of this book from the publisher.

DRAWN ONWARD is a palindrome, meaning it can be read from the start or the end and still make sense. One way you read this book, the character starts by being sad and depressed but ends up hopeful and happy, but if you read the book from the other direction the character starts happy and hopeful, but then something changes their perspective and they are sad and depressed.

Meg McKinlay and Andrew Frazer have been very clever when writing this book, making it a very enjoyable story. The font and illustrations are very decorative making the book interesting to look at.

I would recommend this book to 9–13 year old boys and girls.

See some sample pages on the publisher’s website.

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