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Young writers in action: Lest We Forget

Emma, 12, SA

The rain gently climbs over the bodies in turn, washing away our sorrow and misery.
We observe the world crashing and burning … I close my eyes and breathe.

Thousands of men trudge home, single file,
wondering if they are free from the horrors that haunt them I sit and watch close, though it feels like a mile …
I close my eyes and breathe.

We check our wounded and count our dead. Too few alive, too many gone from this world. Feeling Heavy with the tears unshed …
I close my eyes and breathe.

Even those I never got to know
I promise I will tell your story
I promise one day the world will know … I close my eyes and breathe

Their story is what I will live and die for Their story is what I bled and shot for
So their pain shall be known evermore … I close my eyes and breathe

Lest We Forget

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