Young Writers in Action

Young writers in action: Missing Shoes

Story and artwork by Joshua, 9, NSW

A sneaker with a red flame along the side

I couldn’t wait for this weekend! I was going to play against the Eagles in soccer! Dad bought me a new pair of sneakers for the game. Mum and dad chose the closest seats in the stadium that they could get.

At training, I practiced dribbling, passing, dodging, shooting and defending. I was sure we were going to win the trophy.

On Saturday, I rushed out to soccer. I did push-ups, sit-ups, dribbling, passing, dodging, shooting and defending. I was a right-mid-centre in the game.

Coach asked, “Are you ready, Josh?”
“No, I can’t find my new sneakers in my locker,” I replied, poking my head out.
“You’ll have to wear your old sneakers,” teased Fred as he walked by. He always teased me.
“Yes,” I groaned. I couldn’t let my team down, just because I couldn’t find my new sneakers.

Later in the game, the Eagles were leading by 4 to 3. We needed two or more goals to win the trophy.

“This is a dumb game,” shouted Fred as he kicked off his sneakers and stomped off to a bench. Fred, as well as being a teaser, was also a sore loser.

I turned around to look. When I read the label of the sneakers, it said, “Josh.” Fred must have stolen my sneakers when I wasn’t looking!

I put them on. Then I heard a shout, “Josh!”

It was Timmy! I got up and kicked the ball into the goal! It was a side kick.

Then I walked over to Fred and I asked, “Fred, why did you take my sneakers?”
Fred answered, “I thought your sneakers looked nice.”
“Fred, what do you think if you put your old sneakers back on and join the game as well?” I asked.
“My sneakers are worn out. The soles have fallen out and I don’t want to let my team down, but I had to …” Fred murmured.
“You can wear my old sneakers,” I replied.

Fred hesitated but soon he and I were back in the game. The game went on. We kicked, passed, kicked, tackled and dribbled, until Timmy passed it to me. I was clear, but soon an Eagle blocked the goal. I looked around. I saw Fred. He was clear. No one noticed him. I passed the ball to Fred. Fred kicked it into the goal. The whistle blew. We had won the trophy just in time.

Now Fred doesn’t tease me anymore, but we are best friends.

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