Young Writers in Action

Young writers in Action: Stars in the Sky


by Gabriella, 9, Virginia USA

A hand with palm up towards a crescent moon and stars in a pale evening sky. Photo courtesy of pexels.comStars shining,
light up the night, like
little lanterns.
Stars shining at night,
stars shining in space,
stars shining all day, but only
to see at night.
Red, blue, yellowish white,
all of these stars I like.
Spring is when I go outside,
stare and find the constellations that
light up the deep blue sky.
Little Dipper,
Big Dipper,
Orion’s Belt,
happy memories light up the night.
Stars, constellations,
little lanterns,
shine brightly,
never fading away.
When Zeus placed them in the sky, they were meant to stay.
Stars are lanterns.
Stars are motorcycles
riding slowly across the deep blue sky.
Every time a star dies,
a new one is born.
Stars are powerful.
We are powerful.
We are stars,
shining brightly, all over the deep, blue sky.
We are the little lanterns lighting up the sky.
We are the motorcycles riding across the sky
at night.
All stars are variable,
we are all variable.
We can be ourselves, able to change, able to live our own lives,
So, be you.
Be your own star.
Be your own little lantern.
Be your own motorcycle.
Be your own happy light.
Be the star you were
meant to be.

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