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Book review: The Feather

The Feather by Margaret Wild and Freya BlackwoodREVIEWED BY ELIZABETH, 9, VIC

The Feather by Margaret Wild and Freya Blackwood, Hardie Grant Egmont, ISBN 9781760124212

Elizabeth reviewed a school copy of this book. 

The Feather, written by Margaret Wild, is a story about compassion, kindness and more importantly, about having freedom to be yourself. The characters, Maria and Nico, discover an extraordinarily bright feather floating through the gloomy sky. It brightened up everything it went near. It was such a precious treasure that all the village people wanted to keep it behind glass. Suddenly it started turning a muddy brown and the folk turned their back on it, except for Maria and Nico.

Freya Blackwood has used rough black pencil outlines and water colours to blend and capture the mood of this story. I recommend this book for 5-year-olds and above.

A wondrous book!

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