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Book review: The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean by Armin GrederREVIEWED BY RACHEL, 9, VIC

The Mediterranean by Armin Greder, Allen and Unwin, ISBN 9781760630959

****NB: The publisher recommends this book for readers aged 12 to 16.*****

Rachel reviewed a school copy of this book. 

Armid Greder found it necessary to write a historical fiction about the plight of refugees. The Mediterranean is the sea between Libya and Sicily. Over twenty years ago, three hundred Pakistani and Sri Lankan refugees tried to make it across. They were all trying to get away from the war, a tough time for all.

This story is emotive with only seventeen words and pictures that tell it all! Even though this is a picture book I totally recommend it for twelve years and above because of the powerful and confronting topic and illustrations. We saw only parts of the book with our teacher, it was very sad but when we learn about the past we can learn from it for the future.

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