Introducing the 2020 Top Reads Team

Stack of books with one book on the top open and the pages in a fan. Image courtesy

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the 2020 Top Reads team.

What is the Top Reads team? Members of this team are keen readers who stop by each month to recommend a favourite read for the month, and they’re all kids like you!


Henry, 6, WA
Henry is six years old. He lives in the Great Southern with his two sisters. He loves to read humorous books and ones which are about Pokémon. He loves to play soccer and have Bey Blade battles with his friends, and when he is allowed, he also likes Dragon City which is a computer game. His favourite subject is Maths, food is strawberry ice cream and his favourite BeyBlade is Valtryek.

Kobe, 9, WA
Kobe is a talented girl who loves art and writing. Her favourite books are Snoopy books.

Willow, 8, NT 
Willow is a non stop action packed Territory kid who loves to play hard. When she is not running around, swimming, dancing, singing and drawing, she loves to read. Her favourite books are ones full action! She also loves books that make her laugh.

Lewis, 11, WA 
Lewis loves reading, particularly entertaining/funny books and adventure stories. When he isn’t reading he loves music, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lego, scooting, fishing, kayaking, and playing with his younger brother.

Matilda, 11.5, NT 
Matilda loves fiction, fantasy & mystery books. Her favourite book series are Harry Potter, The Ink Series, and The School for Good & Evil. She enjoys all school subjects as well as netball, swimming & dance. She also loves art & being creative.

Céití, 10, WA 
Céití loves spending time with her chocolate labrador Flynn. She enjoys all sorts of reading and writing, playing her violin, cooking and playing water polo. Her favourite book for 2019 was Beverly, Right Here by Kate DiCamillo.

Anishka, 9, QLD 
Anishka loves writing poems and reading books. She started composing her own poems when she was 4 years old. She is  involved in raising funds for Heart Research and Foundation through ‘Jump Rope for Heart’. She is also involved in a meditation group in the community.

Fergus, 10, WA
Fergus loves to play Lego with his brother, ride his bike, game, code, play with his dog and read. His favourite genres are action, adventure and magic. He has three favourite series: Ranger’s Apprentice, Brotherband and Harry Potter.

Albie May, 8, NSW 
Albie May loves comics including Asterix and Amulet. She also loves old leather-bound books with mouldy pages (that she barely ever reads). She loves reading funny jokes out loud from Untangling Spaghetti by Steven Herrick.

Rory, 8, WA 
Rory loves to spend his day playing Lego, reading, coding and riding his scooter. His favourite authors are JK Rowling, Sally Rippin, Andy Griffiths and Jack Heath. His best place to read is in his bunk bed. When he grows up, he wants to be an archaeologist.

The Top Reads Team will share reading recommendations from February through until November.