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Book review: The Land of Stories series

The Land of Stories seriesREVIEWED BY ANYA, 12, ACT

The Land of Stories series by Chris Colfer, Little Brown & Co, ISBN 9780316480840

Anya reviewed her own copies of this book series. This review was shortlisted in Alphabet Soup’s 2020 Young Book Reviewers’ Competition. 

A journey into a different dimension, the truth about the Bailey Twins and their grandmother and dad is finally uncovered, which turns their whole life upside-down. Followed by lots more breathtaking adventures, Alex and Conner have experienced something that no other person in the otherworld or Earth probably has. The twins have always faced many challenges, whether it’s evil enchantresses, queens or wicked witches, they have made it through every time with their great teamwork. They have saved the fairy-tale world from many dangers that arose across time. From one book to the next, the twins’ side by side with their fairy-tale friends have never failed to impress.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Chris Colfer’s incredible series up to number 5 at this point and I have noticed he has a really good imagination when it comes to Fantasy. The incredible modern and imaginative style of writing by the author really helps you imagine the book.

Each adventure and characters’ personalities are unique and there is always something waiting to be discovered. Personally, my favourite book of the series was the 3rd, since that was where the bigger problems arose. This book definitely has some positive role models that are brave and fearless.

The way these books have been written I am sure every single person would love it, even adults! We think fairy tales are for babies, but these are not the fairy tales we know, they have been taken to a whole new level! Everything and everyone has a different story, which is what makes this series interesting.

My recommendation to kids aged 6 to 9 is that they would love the first and second book, but the length may be daunting to some. I strongly recommend the whole series to older kids aged 10+. I would recommend this book to anyone who loved fairy tales as a young child or still does. Even if you don’t prefer books in the fantasy genre, I would recommend giving the first book a try.

There are also two other great books available, too, which relate to the main series, called Queen Red’s Guide to Royalty, and Mother Goose Diaries.

Overall, I think this series is a great read and I loved reading it and will make sure to read the 6th book.

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