Young Writers in Action

Young writers in action: Pancake

by Elizabeth, 7, NSW

Gold house photo courtesy of pixabay.comBeth and Pancake are best friends in the world.

They live in a gold cubbyhouse. Pancake is an excellent and smart dog. She is a beautiful black dog. Beth is a loving, gentle and kind girl.

One day, Pancake was watering the yard and suddenly, there was a bang! The door slammed.

Beth said, “I am sorry for slamming the door. It is locked!”

Pancake said, “Do not worry. I can fix it.”

Pancake tried to open the front door but it did not work. Pancake tried to open the back door but it did not work.

Pancake climbed up to the big window and went into the cubbyhouse and got the key. Then she let her friend back in the house.

Beth said, “Thank you.” She gave her best friend a hug.

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