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Book review: Littlelight

Littlelight by Kelly CanbyREVIEWED BY KOBE, 9, WA

Littlelight by Kelly Canby, Fremantle Press, ISBN 9781925815764 

Kobe received a review copy of this book.

Littlelight is a very enjoyable book for everyone to read. Although it’s a picture book, it’s still good to read because it has a valuable lesson in it. This book is also a great way to teach kids to use their imagination, like you don’t have to be scared of being yourself because you are yourself, and this book shows exactly that.

The story is about town that is called Littlelight that lost some bricks from the walls, which the mayor was really mad about. So Littlelight’s people started looking for the culprit. After that, all the towns people lived together happily. The rest of the details are in the unique book.

In my opinion, the moral of this story is that different people have different opinions. (A moral is something in a book that teaches you a lesson or good tip.) In the story, the Littlelight  people agreed with the mayor’s choices until the end, where they disagreed.

Some people may think that picture books are just for babies, but they can be for anyone. Even for adults. So please read this absolutely charming book.

Take a sneak peek inside Littlelight.

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