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Book review: Elizabella breaks a leg


Elizabella Breaks a Leg by Zoë Norton Lodge and illustrated by Georgia Norton Lodge

Elizabeth received a review copy of this book from the publisher.

Elizabella Breaks a Leg by Zoë Norton Lodge, illustrated by Georgia Norton Lodge, Walker Books Australia, ISBN 9781760652555. 

The story starts when Elizabella goes to a theatre where she watched Rapunzel. She adored the show. Now she wants to put on a show in her school, but Mr Gobblefrump said no, unless she could make the entire play free. Elizabella was not discouraged and she decided to do the play. The other problem she faced was that her best friend Minnie was going to New York for good. Elizabella was thinking how to stop Minnie’s parents. 

I like when Elizabella and her class went to  the Rapunzel play because they talked about it and she wanted to do the play. Also, I like how Elizabella likes to do pranks such as putting undies on the flag pole. Another funny part was when Elizabella caught her brother kissing a girl. Elizabella also has a cousin called Isabeth who helps her by encouraging her. 

I give this book 4.5 stars. I recommend this book for 8 and up. 

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