Young Writers in Action

Young Writers in Action: Cradle Mountain Adventure

by Monica, 10, VIC

Cradle Mountain is home to all your favourite native Australian animals in the wild. With an exquisite hotel surrounded by wildlife, adventurous night walks through the bush and beautiful scenery everywhere, Cradle Mountain has everything you need for a perfect holiday on an adventure.

Up near the Enchanted Walk, there is a gift shop and hotel. The Enchanted Walk is full of echidnas, wombats, and wallabies so you can sometimes see animals wandering around outside your window. Enjoy the pleasure and thrill of hiking and seeing adorable native animals over a few days and even join a night walk.

Tasmanian Devil by MappingMeganTravel on pixabay
Tasmanian Devil (Photo by MappingMeganTravel on pixabay)

By 8pm, the mountains are alive with animals. Hundreds of them poke their heads out of their homes and set off to explore. At this time, people will take long walks through the bush, squealing in delight when they spot an animal. There are wombats, wallabies, echidnas, quolls, platypuses, and a shelter for Tasmanian devils.

The water in Dove Lake ripples and glitters like a million diamonds, the forest has beautiful flowers and densely packed trees, and the bush is full of animals. There is so much wonderful scenery in the mountains, you are sure to get a lot of amazing pictures.

Cradle Mountain is such an exciting and fascinating place. Book a trip to Tasmania and visit Cradle Mountain for your next holiday.

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