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Book review: Tricky Nick


Tricky Nick by Nicholas J JohnsonTricky Nick by Nicholas J Johnson, Pan Macmillan Australia, ISBN 9781760787363

The publisher provided a review copy of this book.

If you love magic tricks, then I have got a brilliant true and definitely-not-made-up story for you. Pulled right out of the hat is Tricky Nick! This is a real story about a boy named Nick. In fact, he’s the best magician in the world! Magic changed his life and if you live with magic long enough, it’ll probably change yours.

This truly amazing story is all about magic and Nick. It is a truly amazing book and incredible and unbelievable – you would swear that is is so made up, although it is not. In this mystical story, Nick meets a magic mystery girl called Trixie. You’ll even get to learn a trick Nick learnt when he was ten, and a whole bunch more!

This book is such a great book, it is even a magic trick itself – you just read the second last page and you did a fabulous magic trick! If you want a book where you learn a billion tricks, this is certainly the right book for you. I am pretty sure you are walking to the shops as fast as you can!

Read the first three chapters of Tricky Nick on the publisher’s website

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