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Book review: Great White Shark

Great White Shark by Claire Saxby and Cindy Lane


Great White Shark by Claire Saxby, illustrated by Cindy Lane, Walker Books Australia, ISBN 9781760651848

The publisher provided a review copy of this book.

This book has a nice story that follows a shark’s day and shows facts about Great Whites. I learnt more about this species of shark from this book. Did you know that female Great Whites grow about as long as a giraffe is tall and may weigh more than a large car?

Great White Shark has amazingly good illustrations. They are so detailed and beautiful. It looks realistic because Cindy Lane used seawater, watercolours, pencil, found natural pigments, digital drawing and digital collage to make different textures. She’s done wonderful blending and she has used lots of colours in her art. It shows underwater scenes with other sea creatures and beautiful coral.

Overall, Great White Shark is a spectacular book and is suitable for all ages over four.

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  1. I love Anwen’s review. I’ll show my students in my class how a good review should be done! Anwen’s descriptions of the process artwork was detailed and the text sounds very interesting. Well done Anwen!

    1. Thanks for your comments about Anwen’s thoughtful review, Rebecca. We’d love to see book reviews from your students if they’re keen!
      — Rebecca Newman (editor)

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