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Book review: Isadora Moon Goes to School

Image shows the cover of a children's book: Isadora Moon Goes to School by Harriet Muncaster. The cover illustration shows a black sky full of stars with a white full moon at the centre of the cover. Moving across the moon is a child with bat wings, a fairy wand, a yellow dress, black-and-white striped tights and black hair blowing behind her. She has fangs. Ahead of her is a pink rabbit.


Isadora Moon Goes to School by Harriet Muncaster, Random House Books for Young Readers, ISBN 9780399558238

Ariella reviewed her own copy of this book.

Have you ever read Isadora Moon Goes to School? I think you should read it because it is about a girl who is half fairy and half vampire. So when she goes to fairy school she can not wear black. But at vampire school she can’t whoosh when she is flying; she flaps. So she goes to another school …

Do you want a cool book? This is the best one for you. One reason I love this book is because being half fairy half vampire is awesome and having a living stuffed animal is great. Another reason I like this book is because Isadora can be a good friend. For example, because she is half fairy and half vampire she can be friends with both fairies and vampires. I also think you should read this book because it is funny because Isadora has 2 breakfasts and is so full.

I hope you can get this book right away. I hope you like it!

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