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Book review: The Dragon of Fortune

Image shows the cover of a children's book: The Dragon of Fortune in the Geronimo Stilton series. The cover illustration shows a cartoon-style mouse dressed in armour astride a blue dragon. the mouse is holding up a gold key which is nearly as big as the mouse.


Geronimo Stilton: The Dragon of Fortune, Scholastic Inc, ISBN 9781338159394

Akshay reviewed his own copy of this book.

Do you like dragons, wizards, and talking lizards? Then you should read Geronimo Stilton: Dragon of Fortune. It is very funny. It is so interesting you want to read more!

In the story Geronimo goes with his friends to find the winged ring but people try to stop him. All the witches and also the cat tried to stop him. She disguised herself to go to the witch council in the Kingdom of Fantasy. Geronimo is scared of the cat but the wizard comes with him. Also in the story they call him Sir Geronimo of Stilton. Isn’t that funny?

One reason I like this book is because it has lots of adventures. What happens in the story is there is an enchanted book they use to fly to the witch castle. Pretty adventurous, huh? The second reason I like this book is because, for example, it has lots of pages. If you finish a hundred pages you have a lot more! My last reason I love this book is because the characters from the other books stay in the new book. For example, Geronimo, Scribblehopper, Blue Rider and others are in this book and different books in the series too.

I hope you get this book and read it right away! I recommend this book for ages 8 and above. I give this book 10 stars.

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