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Book review: The Bad Guys

Image shows the cover of a children's graphic novel: The Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey. The cover's background is bright orange. At the bottom of the book's cover are cartoon illustrations in black and white and grey showing a snake, a wolf wearing a suit and tie, a shark wearing a suit and tie and a piranha.


The Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey, Scholastic Inc, ISBN 9780545912402

Chiagoziem reviewed the school’s copy of this book.

Do you like books with talking animals? Then you should read The Bad Guys! because it is silly and funny. The characters’ names are Mr Wolf, Mr Shark, Mr Piranha, and Mr Snake. Mr Shark and Mr Piranha don’t need water to survive. Also Mr Piranha is Hispanic. There is a Guinea pig named Marmalade. Marmalade has a mum and dad.

One reason I like this book is because of the silly parts. For example, one time Mr Shark dressed up as an old lady. The bad guys aren’t bad, they’re good guys, in fact. The second reason I like this book is because sometimes what they say is funny. For example, Mr Piranha always says “Chico’s”. A third reason I like this book is because the characters are hilarious. In the story, they act like they’re mad all the time.

I think you should read this book because it has funny characters. I recommend this book for kids aged eight. I’ll give this book 10 out of 10 stars.

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