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Palmyra Primary Students Meet Narelle Oliver

Children from Palmyra Primary School in Western Australia recently visited the Fremantle Children’s Literature Centre, where they attended a workshop with author-illustrator, Narelle Oliver.

The students were enthusiastic about Narelle Oliver and her books, and wrote in to Alphabet Soup to tell us about the visit. We are pleased to share three of their letters with you!

A letter from Bridie, 8, Palmyra Primary School, WA
A letter from Charli, 8, Palmyra Primary School, WA
A letter from Bellinda, 9, Palmyra Primary School, WA

Thanks for writing in to tell us about your visit, Bridie, Charli and Bellinda. We’re glad to hear that you love Narelle Oliver’s books – perhaps one day you will be writing and illustrating your own books!

Rebecca (Editor, Alphabet Soup)

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Winter issue out soon!

Winter is the season to snuggle up under a blanket with something good to read – and maybe something good to nibble on at the same time. Don’t miss the winter 2009 issue of Alphabet Soup magazine – out in mid-May!

Inside you’ll find:

  • a Q&A with Jo Oliver (author-illustrator of Pilgrim)
  • info about what an Air Traffic Controller does
  • book reviews, stories, poems and writing tips
  • the winning entries in our autumn 2009 writing comp
  • the details of our winter 2009 writing comp
  • kids’ writing: book reviews, stories and poems!

You can subscribe (or order your copy of the winter issue) online via the ‘subscribe’ tab on the magazine’s website.

If you haven’t got your hands on a copy of the magazine yet, you can also download a sample copy of an earlier issue from the website’s homepage.

Happy reading!