Three Quick Questions – Robyn Opie Parnell #20

All through October, Alphabet Soup is celebrating turning three. We have heaps of writers and illustrators stopping by to answer THREE QUICK QUESTIONS and today’s visitor is Robyn Opie Parnell, author of many books, including the Black Baron seriesand Maya and the Crystal Skull, which will be released in November 2011.

Maya and the Crystal Skull (cover)

1. Where do you like to write?

My favourite place to write is my favourite recliner chair in the lounge room. I usually write in this recliner chair with my feet up and my laptop on my lap. Talk about comfy!

2. Can you name a book you’d recommend to our readers?

In the last week, I’ve read my own book Maya and the Crystal Skull twice to check for mistakes before the book is printed. Amazingly, I still enjoyed the book after reading it twice in one week. Of course this means I haven’t read any other books in this time. Prior to that, I was researching the ancient Maya for a second book in the Maya and the Crystal Skull series. So I’m not much help in the recent reading of a children’s book department. But I can recommend a book I’ve read in the last six months. It’s a young adult book— the first book in the fifth shadow series by Alison Ashley. It was a thoroughly good read.

3. Can you offer a word or phrase that kids could use for inspiration if they have writer’s block?

Over the moon.

Find out more about Robyn Opie Parnell—visit her blog, and her website.

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