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Spring issue 2012 – OUT NOW!

Ah, spring—it’s just around the corner. All you champion readers, writers and artists—keep an eye on your letterboxes. Our spring issue is hot off the press!

Alphabet Soup issue 16 (cover)

Here’s what you’ll find inside issue 16:

… and more!

Subscribe via our website (you can order single copies from the subscribe page, too). If  you’re in WA, check out one of our WA stockists—Westbooks (Victoria Park) and Zero to Ten (South Fremantle) who will have copies of the winter issue to sell you by the end of the week.


Happy Book Week!

2012 Children’s Book Week is underway, and this week’s theme is Champions Read. (We know quite a few champions in that case—a lot of books get read around here!)

When I was at school, I loved dressing up for the Children’s Book Week parade. When I was six, my teacher came dressed as a pirate from Treasure Island. She made a giant octopus as part of her costume and I was terrified of it. It was the best Book Week costume ever!

Are you dressing up this year? Can you tell us about your costume, or is it a secret?

Happy Book Week!

~Rebecca Newman, Editor