Happy Book Week!

2012 Children’s Book Week is underway, and this week’s theme is Champions Read. (We know quite a few champions in that case—a lot of books get read around here!)

When I was at school, I loved dressing up for the Children’s Book Week parade. When I was six, my teacher came dressed as a pirate from Treasure Island. She made a giant octopus as part of her costume and I was terrified of it. It was the best Book Week costume ever!

Are you dressing up this year? Can you tell us about your costume, or is it a secret?

Happy Book Week!

~Rebecca Newman, Editor

4 thoughts on “Happy Book Week!”

  1. Hi Rebecca I alm dressing up as Knut the last viking, from the book of the same name which my class loved this year. I am going to wear a metal colander as my helmet, as Wolverine the dog did in the book by Norman Jorgensen!! Toni Osborn Karrinyup primary ________________________________

    1. How many guesses to we get? The Little Red Hen? Chicken Licken? Delilah from Delilah’s Dream?

      I think we need more clues. 🙂

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