Young Writers in Action

Young writers in action: Fishing

A first play by Gabriel, 6, NSW

Footprints in beach Sand (photo courtesy of[Setting: At the beach]

Dad: Let’s get fishing on the beach.

Josh: OK, Dad.

Gabe: OK, Dad. Dad, can I dig a channel from the water to the sand so the fish can swim in?

Dad: Yes, you can.

Gabe: Thank you. [Gabriel starts digging.] Dad, I caught no fish!

Dad: That means you need to make it longer, Gabe.

Gabe: OK. But I am tired and hungry.

Josh: Me too.

Dad: OK, let’s go home.

Gabe: But let’s keep on fishing for one more minute.

Josh and Dad : [sadly] OK

Gabe: I think you have got a fish, Dad.

Dad: Yes, I have. I will throw it back into the water.

Gabe: Dad, why did you throw it into my channel? But thank you, because it is mine now!


Gabriel is a regular contributer to Alphabet Soup. You can read some of his earlier work here. If YOU would like to send us a story, drawing, poem, or book review, check out our submission guidelines. Happy writing!