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Autumn 2011 writing comp: THE WINNERS (Part II)

"Boy writing © Greg Mitchell"Here is the winning Under 9s story from our autumn 2011 writing competition. You were asked to write a story about something to do with cooking.

A reminder: always check the rules of the competition. If you don’t stick to the rules, we have to disqualify your entry and that makes us sad!

Under 9s winner: G Oakley (WA)


Once upon a time there lived a girl named Misty. Misty lived with only her mother.

One day Misty’s mum was making a stew.

But then all of a sudden there was a cry from the kitchen. It was Misty’s mum. Misty ran to the kitchen as fast as she could. And there right in front of her mum was the stew, but the stew didn’t look like a stew it looked like a monster.

Misty asked her mum what she did to the stew but her mum just said ‘I just put this sauce in that a stranger gave me’ said her mum.

After Misty’s mum said this Misty was just about to ask her mum about the stranger but before she could say anything the stew monster tried to jump on her. All of a sudden Misty found herself being chased by the stew monster.

As Misty was running very fast she had an idea. Misty remembered that stew goes rotten in the sun so Misty made the stew monster chase her outside into the bright sun then Misty quickly ran inside and locked the doors. As soon as Misty locked the doors she sat down and asked her mum about the stranger her mum had met. Her mum said she had a big wart on her nose.

Misty started to laugh, ‘Oh mum’ she said, ‘you bought something off the witch who lives outside of town.’

Misty and her mum both looked outside to find the monster but all they found was a puddle of stew.

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