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Book Titles that Shine

Many people collect things. I collect book titles. When I come across a book title that shines, I write it in a notebook I keep just for my list of shiny book titles. Sometimes I request one of these books from the library, hoping the book will live up to its title – but often it doesn’t. Which is disappointing.

Glancing over my list, two from the list that do live up to their titles are Owl Moon and The Naming Of Tishkin Silk. I love how the first makes you say the title slowly and already sounds like the story within. The Naming of Tishkin Silk just sounds like poetry to me. All those sshh and ck sounds. Lovely.

Do you have any titles that make you sigh over their perfection? Have you ever picked up a book because the title called to you? Did it live up to its title?


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