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Attention all NSW superheroes under 9!

Gleebooks Children’s is holding an event for children under 9 years. Put on your favourite superhero outfit (or create a new one!). Here are the details:

You are invited to join the exclusive Baxter branch of Superheroes.

Apply between 3 and 4 pm on Saturday, 4th April 2009 at the little church hall, opposite St Johns Church, St Johns Rd Glebe.

Extraordinary Ernie and his marvellous sidekick Maud the sheep, along with Fearless Frances Watts, will encourage you to take up your crimefighter cloak and meet Housecat Woman, the Amazing Desmond, Valiant Vera and Super Whiz.

Cape swirling
Easter egg hunt
Book launch
Special superhero bargain of 2 books for the price of 1
Story reading

Don’t forget to wear your superhero costume. Come as your favourite, or create a character of your own!

Admittance $5
RSVP Essential:


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