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Book review: The Princess Plot, by Kirsten Boie

Will suit older readers (upper primary).The Princess Plot by Kirsten Boie

Jenna attends an audition to star as a princess in a movie (without her mother’s permission), and is amazed to be chosen for the role over her friends. Even more amazingly, Jenna’s normally strict mother gives permission for her to fly to Scandia for the movie shoot, where Jenna discovers her own resemblance to the Princess of Scandia, Malena. And Malena has gone missing …

This is an exciting mystery – you might find yourself staying up late to finish reading it! The story had unexpected twists  and is told from several different perspectives. Nothing will be the same for Jenna by the end of the book. If you like a story with royalty, a kidnapping, a chase, mistaken identities, and an everyday girl (turned heroine), then you’ll love The Princess Plot!

The Princess Plot, by Kirsten Boie, Chicken House, May 2009

Our review copy was sent to us by Chicken House

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