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Win 4 issues of Alphabet Soup!

We are nearing the end of our week-long blog tour. We’ve had a great time visiting Alphabet Soup's first 4 issues!Australian authors on their blogs, and celebrating Alphabet Soup‘s first birthday issue!

Today don’t forget to pop by author Robyn Opie’s blog (Writing Children’s Books) – where you could win a set of the first 4 issues of Alphabet Soup! Good luck!

(And if you’ve just joined us – welcome! – you can check out our earlier blog visits on the list below.)


1 September What led the publisher to start Alphabet Soup magazine?

Dale Harcombe (Write and Read With Dale)


2 September What goes into ‘whipping up’ an issue of the magazine?

Sally Murphy (Sally Murphy’s Writing for Children Blog)


3 September Promotion and Alphabet Soup

Claire Saxby (Let’s Have Words)


4 September Submissions, and selecting material

Mabel Kaplan (Tales I Tell)


5 September Alphabet Soup in the classroom: benefits for teachers

Dee White (Teachers Writing Helper)


6 September ‘First birthday’ giveaway. Win a set of the first four issues!

Robyn Opie (Writing Children’s Books)


7 September Who’s on the team behind Alphabet Soup magazine?

Sandy Fussell (Stories Are Light)


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