Alphabet Soup’s winter 2011 writing comp

WINTER 2011 WRITING COMPETITION – WIN A $20 BOOK VOUCHER (& see your poem here on the blog)

Entries close 29 July 2011

Imagine that you wake up one morning and you have grown wings. Using this idea, write a poem up to 12 lines long (shorter is fine).  

Include a competition entry form. This may be printed from the website (see competition rules), photocopied, or contact us to have one emailed or posted to you.

Your entry can be handwritten or typed.  Make sure you read the competition rules!

2 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup’s winter 2011 writing comp”

  1. Wow! Can’t wait to read those!
    Sounds like maybe the winged winner could fly into the BIG pages of the ‘First Flight’ issue!

    1. Ha!
      Yes, maybe we can work something out. 🙂
      (They do get published in Alphabet Soup magazine as well as on the blog though.)

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