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Winter 2011 poetry comp: THE WINNERS (Part 1)

Here is the winning Under 12s story from our winter 2011 writing competition. You were asked to imagine waking up one morning to find you had grown wings—and to write a poem about it.

A reminder: always check the rules of the competition. If you don’t stick to the rules, we have to disqualify your entry and that makes us sad!

Under 12s winner: S Morgan (WA)


It’s another Monday morning,
I feel like sleeping in.
I tossed and turned all night long,
Like I was being poked in the back with a pin.

My mother’s voice came down the hall,
I felt that I was too big for my clothes,
Like I was growing too fast, how queer.

I found two holes in my pyjamas,
Where my shoulder blades would cling.
I hover just above the ground,
Oh God—do I have wings????


This post was added by Rebecca Newman. Rebecca is a children's writer and poet, and the editor of the Australian children's literary blog, Alphabet Soup. For more about Rebecca visit:

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