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Where There’s Smoke: book reviews by Beaconsfield Primary School students

Where There’s Smoke, by John Heffernan, ISBN 9781862918665, Omibus Books.

Reviewed by Alexandra, age 10, Beaconsfield Primary School.*

Where There's Smoke (cover)For the last few weeks, our class has been reading Where There’s Smoke, by John Heffernan. All or most of the class really enjoyed it.

Where There’s Smoke is about a boy called Luke and his mum, Nina. They had been running away from Luke’s dad until a friend of Nina’s (Tiny Cob) told them about Edenville, the place that becomes their new, safe home. In Edenville Luke makes friends with Sarah and develops a very close friendship with Tiny Cob. But when a bushfire comes, how can Luke help the town of Edenville? The place that he now calls his home.

This book was a great book that I really enjoyed. I think it made me understand things like: The house is the place that people live in, the home is the people that live in it. Where There’s Smoke also is an adventurous story as well as the type of book that helps you learn things.

All together I think that Where There’s Smoke is a wonderful book for all ages, out of ten I would rate it nine and my standard is very high. I would like to read another one of John Heffernan’s books one day.

*Beaconsfield Primary School is a member of our Undercover Readers Club. A review copy of Where There’s Smoke was provided by the publisher.

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