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Where There’s Smoke: book reviews by Beaconsfield Primary School (Part II)

Where There’s Smoke, by John Heffernan, ISBN 9781862918665, Omibus Books.

Reviewed by Tyler, age 11, Beaconsfield Primary School.*

Where There's Smoke (cover)Recently my class read a book called Where There’s Smoke. This book is written by John Heffernan and shows you all the qualities you need to live a happy life.

Where There’s Smoke tells the story of a family living in a small town called Edenville where they are on the run from their father and husband. Luke is a regular boy, about twelve years of age, who has a friend named Tiny who is really tall and has a heart as strong as a tiger. Tiny pretends to be Nina’s—Luke’s mum’s—boyfriend so that Nina’s ex husband doesn’t follow or hurt them. When everything seemd to be cruising around well Tiny, who is Russian, gets a bit worried about a bushfire coming. The fire came and it didn’t want to leave. Some people left and some people stayed and fought. Tiny saved a boy and got third degree burns. When everything seemed to be a disaster Luke finally got something he’d waited for, a call.

This book is great and each chapter gives you a thrill of adrenalin and wants you to read more. It is emotional and very descriptive using metaphors and similes that would blow your mind. I hope to be reading more from Mr Heffernan soon.

*Beaconsfield Primary School is a member of our Undercover Readers Club. A review copy of Where There’s Smoke was provided by the publisher.

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