Spring 2011 writing competition – winner under 9s

Here is the winning Under 9s story from our spring 2011 writing competition.

A reminder: always check the rules of the competition. If you don’t stick to the rules, we have to disqualify your entry and that makes us sad!

Under 9s winner: C Ng (WA)

So I was just messing around with my pencils and was just about to  pack them into boxes when my own pencil dropped to the floor. I had not realised and stepped on it. I heard a cracking sound. ‘NOOOOO!’

The van arrived to pick up the box to take to my customers. I quickly packed my pencils into the box and watched the van drive away.

I decided to go into the bush near my house to locate a piece of wood to make myself a new pencil. After making my pencil, I polished the wood and sharpened the pencil. The wood sparkled. My cupboard rattled. A piece of paper flew onto my desk. I couldn’t help but started drawing. I was ravenous and drew a sandwich. I looked at my drawing and my mouth started to water.

Suddenly, there was a sandwich made out of Turkish bread with cheese, avocado and turkey on the table! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It looked exactly like my drawing! I munched the sandwich. It tasted yumtious!

The drawing of the sandwich was no longer on the paper. Instead, there was a message, it said, ‘YOU HAVE 2 WISHES LEFT’

I stared in astonishment. I had made a wishing pencil! I rushed back to the bush. Where was that tree? I would be rich making all these pencils. But the tree had vanished. I better use my wishes carefully.

Money! I could draw a stack of money and I’ll be rich! I could buy a new house and car. I quickly went to my desk and used my magic pencil to draw a stack of money on the paper. I waited in anticipation. A stack of monopoly money appeared on the table. I can’t use this! I stamped my feet in anger.

I took a walk down the street trying to calm down. While I was strolling, I saw a child crying and asked her why she was crying.

‘My mother is terribly sick in hospital and may not come home!’ she cried.

I went home feeling empty. I had an awful time deciding what to do with my final wish. I had been selfish. A little girl is worried about a dying mother while I am thinking of a new car!

I realised what I should do. I went back to my desk and grabbed my magic pencil. I drew the little girl’s mother coming home healthy. I then went back down the street to see that little girl. A beautiful woman got out of her car and ran towards the girl.

I couldn’t believe the happiness I felt in my heart. It was the most satisfying feeling I ever felt.

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