Spring 2011 writing competition – winner under 12s

In our spring writing competition, we asked you to write a story with the title ‘The Three Little ____’ (characters of your choice). Here is the winner in the final category—Under 12s.

A reminder: always check the rules of the competition. If you don’t stick to the rules, we have to disqualify your entry and that makes us sad!

Under 12s winner: B Kempson (WA)


Once upon a time, there were three jellybeans. Their names were Orange, Red and Green, although their colours were different. Orange was red, Red was green and Green was orange! Red was curious, which usually landed him in trouble, Orange was smart, always solving equations, and Green was brave. They were orphans, who lived in a packet in a cupboard with other jellybeans. One day, they were quietly playing with other jellybeans, when Red said something that shocked them all.

‘I wonder what it’s like outside this packet?’ All the other jellybeans gasped.

‘What, in the HUMAN world?’ said Green. The other jellybeans gasped again, as if Green had said a swear word.

‘To my calculations, surviving the outer world is one in one million of a chance,’ said Orange. ‘Still, it’s possible … ‘ Orange trailed off when he saw the look in Red’s eye.

‘Oh no you don’t, ‘ said Green, who had realised the look as well. ‘If i have to save you once more, I’ll have to get a personal doctor. Look what happened the last time you did something crazy!’ Green lifted his arm to show a nasty scar.

Even so, the next day, Red cut a hole in the packet, small enough for one jellybean to slip through, and leaped out onto the floor. He grinned to himself muttering, ‘Who’s a clever jellybean? Me!’ Suddenly, he felt a giant glob of slobber, as big as one dozen jellybeans, fell on his head.

He looked up to see where it came from, and saw an ugly brown and white beast with yellow teeth, beady eyes and a small black snout. He had heard legends of a creature like this, but the pictures he had pictured in his mind were nowhere near as terrifying as this.

It was a dog.

You could hear Red’s scream from miles away. Luckily, Green and Orange were lying in the sun near the place that Red escaped. Green’s head jerked up from its position, wondering what Red had done now. He looked around for Red, but stopped when he saw the hole in the packet.

‘Oh no,’ he said, running to the hole. Thinking of Red, he leapt throught he hole and onto the floor. He looked around, and saw Red and the dog. The dog had cornered Red by a table, and was about to eat him, when Green dived through the hole. Red sat down, dazed.

‘You know what? I’m never going to do anything dangerous again,’ he said.

‘Good,’ said Green and Orange.

‘Now let’s go cliff diving!’ said Red, walking off with his friends.


Spring 2011 writing competition – winner under 9s

Here is the winning Under 9s story from our spring 2011 writing competition.

A reminder: always check the rules of the competition. If you don’t stick to the rules, we have to disqualify your entry and that makes us sad!

Under 9s winner: C Ng (WA)

So I was just messing around with my pencils and was just about to  pack them into boxes when my own pencil dropped to the floor. I had not realised and stepped on it. I heard a cracking sound. ‘NOOOOO!’

The van arrived to pick up the box to take to my customers. I quickly packed my pencils into the box and watched the van drive away.

I decided to go into the bush near my house to locate a piece of wood to make myself a new pencil. After making my pencil, I polished the wood and sharpened the pencil. The wood sparkled. My cupboard rattled. A piece of paper flew onto my desk. I couldn’t help but started drawing. I was ravenous and drew a sandwich. I looked at my drawing and my mouth started to water.

Suddenly, there was a sandwich made out of Turkish bread with cheese, avocado and turkey on the table! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It looked exactly like my drawing! I munched the sandwich. It tasted yumtious!

The drawing of the sandwich was no longer on the paper. Instead, there was a message, it said, ‘YOU HAVE 2 WISHES LEFT’

I stared in astonishment. I had made a wishing pencil! I rushed back to the bush. Where was that tree? I would be rich making all these pencils. But the tree had vanished. I better use my wishes carefully.

Money! I could draw a stack of money and I’ll be rich! I could buy a new house and car. I quickly went to my desk and used my magic pencil to draw a stack of money on the paper. I waited in anticipation. A stack of monopoly money appeared on the table. I can’t use this! I stamped my feet in anger.

I took a walk down the street trying to calm down. While I was strolling, I saw a child crying and asked her why she was crying.

‘My mother is terribly sick in hospital and may not come home!’ she cried.

I went home feeling empty. I had an awful time deciding what to do with my final wish. I had been selfish. A little girl is worried about a dying mother while I am thinking of a new car!

I realised what I should do. I went back to my desk and grabbed my magic pencil. I drew the little girl’s mother coming home healthy. I then went back down the street to see that little girl. A beautiful woman got out of her car and ran towards the girl.

I couldn’t believe the happiness I felt in my heart. It was the most satisfying feeling I ever felt.

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Our spring 2011 writing comp

Alphabet Soup will be turning THREE in October. Hip hip hooray! So, we’ve decided to have a three-themed writing competition for our spring issue.


WIN A $20 BOOK VOUCHER (& see your story here on the blog) Boy writing. Artwork copyright Greg Mitchell

Entries close 21 October 2011

Write your own tale about The Three Little______ (choose your own characters). Your story should be no longer than 450 words and shorter is fine.

Include a competition entry form. This may be printed from the website (see competition rules), photocopied, or contact us to have one emailed or posted to you.

Your entry can be handwritten or typed.  Make sure you read the competition rules!


Don’t forget our Design-a-cover competition closes on 16 September 2011. The winning entry will be used for the cover of our summer issue. Check out our designing tips here.