Young Writers in Action

Young Writers in Action: Mr Malgroot

Mr Malgroot by Christopher Y, 10, Victoria

I stared at it. That gap in the fence tormented me. Just my luck Mom bought this house. Why am I complaining? Mr Malgroot lives next door! He is the meanest man in the neighbourhood!

Once, my best friend dared me to go in the gap leading to his house. He promised he’d give me a nickel for my trouble. He’s a good friend, and even gave me the money upfront! Holding tight to the nickel in my hand, I crawled through the small gap in the fence. Unfortunately, Mr Malgroot caught me, and confiscated my money! All that, and I didn’t get anything!

I sighed. I had to dare myself to do it, and I would prevail. I crawled through the small gap in the fence.

And that explains why I’m in the hospital with a broken leg.

This is one of a selection of stories we are featuring from Carey Baptist Grammar School in Victoria over the next week. Tune in tomorrow for another great tale!

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