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Young Writers in Action: Sofie

Sofie by Ella, 10, VIC

She was a tiny golden cavoodle puppy; the quiet one out of the excited puppies on display. A beautiful fluffy coat and soft black padded paws.

I looked up at Dad. So did the puppy. He sighed. “All right!”

So ten minutes later we were getting instructed on how to take care of our puppy. It seemed to be taking a long time, I thought. Just then, the storeroom door opened and a lady carried my puppy out and gave her to me (we had been told it was a female) just as we were presented with an ownership form.

“Is it all right to sign it in the name of a child?” Dad asked. My heart skipped a beat. Could I really officially own this living hot water bottle?

“Sure,” the woman behind the counter said. I felt like I was in a dream as I signed the form. I looked down at the bundle in my arms. She really was adorable.


We were finally home. “Sofie hasn’t made a sound yet,” I thought as I jumped out of the car. I carried her out to the deck (she was going to be an entirely outside dog) and put her down.

“I’m going to call her Sofie,” I told my parents as they appeared, Dad carrying her kennel.

“Good name,” Dad nodded. Sofie slowly took a step.

Then another.

Next thing we knew she was rushing around like a headless chicken.

Dad went inside. He came out with his Magpies scarf and threw it to Sofie. Sofie sniffed it for a moment, then grabbed it in her mouth and ran around with it.

She was very tired when we put her to bed that night with a squeaky koala, a mini squishy soccer ball and a second-hand Magpies scarf.


I looked at my clock. 6am. Late enough. I quickly dressed and went out to the backyard. Sofie met me as soon as I was out the door. I took her down to the lawn, sat down, took her onto my lap and cuddled her. Ten minutes later I noticed she was asleep.


I fed Sofie and checked her water bowl was full. Then I had to go to school. I hated leaving her.

I got back from school. I played with Sofie for a couple of hours. In another few hours Dad got home from work. I noticed he looked a little grim. I thought he must have had a bad day at work—that was, until he and Mum exchanged looks. Then I knew something was up. They ushered me into the lounge room and started to talk.

I had to give Sofie away because of my stupid allergy to dogs which was previously unknown. Dad had sent out emails earlier that day advertising her. I could choose where she went.

I listened as Dad described the emails. Then, I looked at him. “I’ve decided.”


My heart sank as a car pulled up outside our house and an excited looking boy jumped out, soon followed by his mum. “At least she’s going to the best place,” I told myself as the doorbell rang. Sofie’s new owners appeared. Dad and I gave them a big cardboard box full of all Sofie’s things. The boy gave me a beautiful letter saying thank you.

Then it was time.

The boy carried her out to the car and put her into her cage, squeaking a pink rubber seal. “Looks like they have already bought her toys,” I thought as Sofie started chewing it.

I took a final look at her. “Goodbye Sofie,” I whispered. Then she was gone. I tried hard not to cry, only just succeeding.

I would never see her again.

This is one of a selection of stories we are featuring from Carey Baptist Grammar School in Victoria over the next week. Tune in tomorrow for another great tale!

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