Giveaway: The Twelve Days of Aussie Christmas

The Twelve Days of Aussie Christmas by Colin Buchanan ill. Glen Singleton, Scholastic Australia, ISBN 9781742833675

Twelve Days of Aussie Christmas (cover)

This picture book is an Aussie take on well-known Christmas song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’—and all set in the Australian summer with illustrations jam-packed with Australian flora and fauna. The picture book comes with a bonus CD of Colin Buchanan singing the familiar tune. (Of course, it gets stuck in your head, but that’s what makes it so sing-along-able.)

FIVE RUSTY UTES! FourfootyfansThreemeattraysTwojackaroosAndaplatypusupagumtreeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

A fun Aussie Christmas book that family members of all ages will enjoy (and possibly groan about) together. (There’s a page at the back of the book with a list of things to look out for, too.)

Merry Christmas!


We have one review copy of The Twelve Days of Aussie Christmas to give away. (The twelve days of Christmas start with Christmas Day, so you’ll still have plenty of days to belt out the tune and read the book even if the copy doesn’t arrive before Christmas Day!)

Just leave us a comment with the name of your favourite Christmas carol in the comments section of this post. (Make sure your email address is in the details section when you leave your comment—or email us after you’ve commented so we can contact you if you’re the winner). Entrants outside Australia welcome—but we will only post the book to an Australian address, so you’ll need to nominate an Australian address for us to post it to if you win.

The giveaway ends 6am WST (that’s when it’s 6am in Perth, Western Australia) on 24 December 2012. We will announce the winner here on Soup Blog by noon on 24th and attempt to get it in the mail to the winner on the same day. Immediate family members of Alphabet Soup magazine employees are not eligible to enter. This is a random draw.

20 thoughts on “Giveaway: The Twelve Days of Aussie Christmas”

  1. OH HOLY NIGHT is incredibly beautiful, especially sung in church at night with just the candles lit. It moves me to tears.


    1. Ah, beautiful choice. I have a friend who sings it every Christmas Eve and it’s one of my favourite traditions at Christmas—to listen to him sing.
      – Rebecca

  2. Silent night is my favourite christmas carol and i hope to have a peaceful christmas night without my son’s disturbing!

  3. The little drummer boy, as a little girl I remember playing the rump-a-pum-pum on the recorder. It drove my mother mad, but I was so excited that I could play an actual song on the recorder. I had a picture book with the music notation down the bottom of each page, I taught myself the song and would play it over and over and over. Soon after I managed to learn the music to the song, the book went missing, never to be found again. I would love to have that book

    1. I can just imagine all the enthusiastic rump-a-pum-pumming—and clever you teaching yourself. I wonder where that book disappeared to … 😉

  4. Good King Wenceslas used to fascinate me as a kid. The snow seemed so exotic, and who was this Stephen who had his own feast? Strange names and images, pages and peasants, a carol from another age.

    1. I’ve always loved Good King Wenceslas. I remember as as child thinking it was like a long and wonderful poem and I loved all the old fashioned words …

  5. Rudoph The Red Nosed Reindeer will always be my fave, I still remeber singing it at school christmas breakups.

  6. Love the ‘Little Drummer Boy’, especially the remix from Justin Bieber, makes me wanna jump up and dance…’rrrrump a bum bummmm’

  7. The Little Drummer Boy’. It reminds us that Christmas is about giving, not receiving. Also that those who think they have little, often have much indeed.

  8. The Little Drummer Boy, loved this carol as a kid. Thanks for the competition. Merry Xmas to you all

  9. I just LOVE all Christmas Carols but if I have to choose a favourite ‘Away in a Manger’ would definitely be up there in a top spot.
    I am sending you an email with my full details

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