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Book Review: My Book of Knock Knocks

My Book of Knock Knocks, illustrated by Christina Bollenbach, ISBN 9781742831640, Scholastic Australia

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

My book of knock knocks (cover)

I love a good Knock Knock joke. In this hardcover book you’ll find 23 illustrated Knock Knock jokes — the first part of each joke is on a right hand page and you have to turn the page for the punchline. (This means that the first time you read the book, you can even tell yourself a Knock Knock joke and be surprised by the punchline!)

Included are a selection of well-known Knock Knocks and quite a few that I’d never heard before. They are all guaranteed to make you groan. (Come on — they’re Knock Knocks, they’re supposed to make you groan.)

The big print and bright cheerful illustrations will make My Book of Knock Knocks popular with younger readers but really, who doesn’t love a Knock Knock joke? Choose your favourite Knock Knocks and try them out on your Mum and Dad, your granny, or a teacher. (Knock Knock jokes are more fun when they’re shared. But don’t try knock knocking on my door — I’ve read the book and I know all the punchlines now!)

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