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Tuesday Challenge – a calendar poem

Last Friday we posted a poem by Sara Coleridge called ‘The Months’. Sara Coleridge lived in the northern hemisphere—so her description of what happens each month describes the world where she was living.

beach © 2013 Rebecca NewmanRead the poem again and think about what happens in each month where you are living. (Do you have snow in January? Maybe you do … Here in Perth—where I live—we don’t get snow in January, we’re more likely to be at the beach.)

‘The Months’ is written in pairs of rhyming lines, called rhyming couplets. If you look closely, you’ll see that every month has a new (different) rhyming couplet.

This week’s Tuesday Challenge—write your own poem called ‘The Months’, describing each month where you live. (Extra challenge: use rhyming couplets like Sara Coleridge did.)

We love reading your poems! Post your fabulous poems in the comments (do ask permission from a parent or teacher first). If you don’t finish your poem today, you are welcome to come back and post it in the comments for this post when you are ready.

Poems from grownups are also welcome, so ask your teachers and parents and aunties and uncles to share their poems, too! (Soup Blog is G-rated.)

~ Rebecca

Until the end of August we’ll have a new poetry challenge every Tuesday.

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